2019-06-24 Precept

“The ancient concept of tianxia, or “all under heaven”, put China at the heart of power and civilisation. Moral precepts governed relations among states. ”

pre·cept [noun] A general rule intended to regulate behaviour or thought
Synonyms: principle, rule, tenet

Source: In the future, Eurasia will rule the world


2019-06-23 Asperity

“Glenda Jackson has a reputation for asperity... As a left-wing Labour backbencher for over two decades until 2015, she regularly skewered Tony Blair and took Margaret Thatcher’s death as an opportunity to lambast her.”

asp·er·i·ty [noun] Harshness of tone or manner
Synonyms: harshness, sharpness, roughness

Source: Glenda Jackson’s King Lear is the thing itself


2019-06-22 Commodious

“The reform made a huge change to how America treats poverty, which liberals still decry... Clinton had promised to make a life on dole less commodious for the nearly 14m single mothers and their children then surviving on handouts.”

com·mo·di·ous [adjective] Roomy and comfortable
Synonyms: capacious, spacious, ample

Source: No money no love


2019-06-21 Effluvium

“The amount of plastic and other materials is about 3%, the rest being high-quality paper. This allows the shredded and compacted effluvium to be treated as top-class raw material by recycling firms.”

ef·flu·vi·um [noun] An unpleasant or harmful odour or discharge
Synonyms: None

Source: Literally


2019-06-20 Arabesque

“Seaweeds wave and swallows soar; the limbs of dancers and acrobats loop in arabesques. After a lifetime working against convention, Matisse found in this new medium a unique fusion of line and colour.”

ar·ab·esque [noun] A posture in which one leg is extended backwards at right angles, the torso bent forwards, and the arms outstretched, one forwards and one backwards
Synonyms: None

Source: Carving into colour


2019-06-19 Vanquish

“Lawsuits are unlikely to vanquish ExxonMobil. Last year a federal judge in California dismissed a lawsuit against oil firms, arguing that Congress and diplomacy, not courts, should handle the fallout from climate change.”

van·quish [verb] Defeat thoroughly
Synonyms: conquer, defeat, beat

Source: ExxonMobil gambles on growth


2019-06-18 Sinuous

“Every 1,000 years or so, it abandoned its main channel for one of its distributaries. A time series of the Mississippi’s course looks like a sinuous Celtic knot, with a swathe of interwoven curves, flowing to the sea.”

sin·u·ous [adjective] Having many curves and turns
Synonyms: winding, windy, serpentine

Source: Louisiana fights the sea, and loses


2019-06-17 Obloquy

“If God willed, it might mean lives saved... and the world smiling with peace. In the febrile America of the Vietnam-war years, however, it more often meant obloquy, humiliation, scorn, the hand of a federal agent on his collar. ”

ob·lo·quy [noun] Disgrace, especially that brought about by public condemnation

Synonyms: disgrace, dishonour, shame

Source: Blessed are the peacemakers


2019-06-16 Tenacity

“But that would mean swallowing his pride. Doing so would not be easy for a president who has adopted the nickname 'lion man' to symbolise his tenacity and ruthlessness.”

te·na·ci·ty [noun] The quality or fact of being very determined; determination
Synonyms: strength of will, tenaciousness

Source: Africa’s oldest president, campaigns for another term in Cameroon


2019-06-15 Bellicose

“The United States has been quite bellicose, and its advanced democracy did not prevent a civil war in 1861 that claimed more American lives than any conflict since.”

bel·li·cose [adjective] Demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight
Synonyms: belligerent, aggressive, hostile

Source: Which countries are most likely to fight wars?

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